3 reasons why you will love working with a Career Coach


orange hearts on blue backgroundA Career Coach supports individuals to confidently navigate the job market and transition into new roles quickly and effectively. Whether it’s helping support job seekers through the application and interview process by offering structured feedback or helping to overcome job search related anxiety and motivational issues, working with a Career Coach will significantly enhance your chances of meeting your perfect match career. If you have been made redundant or are considering a future career move, here are 3 reasons why you will love working with a Career Coach and how they can help you to achieve your career goals.

Evaluating career options and setting goals   

Many professionals don’t take the time to take stock and evaluate what is important to them in their career and as a result can often find themselves stuck and unsure about their future direction.

A Career Coach can help you to reflect on your skills and experiences, supporting you to analyse strengths and motivators to gain clarity around your career direction. Whether you are seeking a permanent role, self-employment, consultancy or non-executive appointments, a Career Coach can help you to evaluate your options and create a personal career plan to achieve your career goals.

Defining your Personal Brand

Many professionals underestimate the importance of having a strong personal brand and online reputation. Personal branding is about effectively marketing yourself, your skills and expertise and is often an afterthought when individuals start to explore their next career move.

A Career Coach can support you to consider and define your brand offering and what differentiates you from others. They can coach and guide you to articulate your value to future employers and build a clearly defined ‘personal brand’ to take to market whilst assessing your digital footprint.

Navigating the modern job market

If you haven’t had to look for a new job for a significant period, you may be unaware of the modern job market and how competitive, fast paced and complex it is. Applicant Tracking Systems, online job boards, video interviewing and the rise of social media are a small part of the ever-evolving environment which makes up a new and often unfamiliar job market.

Career Coaches have extensive know of job market trends and hiring processes and know how to create great CVs that are compatible with Applicant Tracking Systems. They can help you to build effective job searching strategies and networking techniques, and with over 70% of jobs being unadvertised, you will uncover the hidden job market and identify opportunities before they are advertised. Your confidence will grow as they can prepare you for all types of interviews and help you to turn informal networking conversations into tangible opportunities.

Renovo is the UK’s leading outplacement specialist. We work with both organisations and individuals to support all their career transition requirements. If you would like to understand how Renovo can help you please call 0800 612 2011 or email info@renovo.uk.com

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