Summer Temping - 4 Steps to Success


summer tempingHave you thought about undertaking temporary work during the summer months? As key decision makers head off for their annual leave, this could have an impact on the recruitment market. If you are keen to keep your skills current and want to earn some cash this summer, you may want to consider summer temping work.

Secure temporary work this summer with these 4 simple steps:

1. Choose 3-5 agencies

You need to ensure that you target the agencies who can find opportunities that match your experience and skillset. Even though the temporary contract may differ from what you are looking for in your next permanent role, you need to be aware that not every agency will be able to offer you a temporary contract.

You need to know which agencies to target. Use an agency directory such as to look for agencies by location and specialism. Look on their company website so you have a clear understanding of what they recruit for and look for the names of the consultants you want to engage with.

2. Consider your approach

Once you have identified the agencies you want to talk to, think about how you want to approach them ahead of making contact. Some agencies may want to see your CV before they invite you to meet with them and will only want you to make contact via email in the first instance. Other agencies may be quite open for you to pop in on spec with a view to registering you there and then. Call them and find out.

Have a copy of your CV to hand and make sure it is up to date.  If you are going in to meet with them, it is also worth having a copy of it on USB so it can be easily transferred on to the recruiter’s system.

3. Build Rapport

First impressions count. Whilst you may view temporary work as being short term, the more time you focus on building relationships with recruiters could have a positive impact long term. Take the time to build a positive first impression with the consultant as they will decide whether to put you forward for their contract.

Keep in contact with them and keep communication open. If you are only available for certain days or you have specific work preferences, let them know. The more open and honest you are with them will save both their time and yours.  The aim is to build a lasting relationship as they may be able to consider you for future opportunities.

4. Dress to impress

Be sure to dress appropriately for your introductory meeting with the recruiter. Treat the meeting with them as you would an interview. It will show them you are taking the short-term contract seriously.

Recruiters will be assessing you on your technique and checking that you are credible enough to put forward to their client. If they are confident you are professional and reliable, there is a high chance they will consider you for summer temping contracts over the upcoming months.

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