Outplacement support helps Will Mayerhofer become successful therapist


hands about to touch sunsetMost people view redundancy as an impending disaster – the kind of career upheaval that can set them back for years. Outplacement support helps to show that losing one’s job needn’t be the crisis it may seem at first.

Business Insider has run a profile on successful psychotherapist Will Mayerhofer, who left an unfulfilling career in law to offer support and therapy to other unhappy lawyers. Will soon discovered that his chosen career wasn’t for him and quickly became depressed in the cutthroat, adversarial world of law.

Work performance

Suffering from low mood and panic attacks, Will’s performance at work dropped off and he was eventually let go, with his firm offering to pay for the help of an outplacement support service when he left. A career counsellor suggested that Will undertake a number of informational interviews, giving him the confidence and the knowledge he needed to move his career forwards.

Will’s outplacement support allowed him to identify his next position, as a marketer for Barnes and Noble. Working there, Will’s confidence was restored and his career trajectory changed. Ultimately, outplacement support had put Will on the path to becoming a successful psychotherapist.

Will’s story is an excellent example of how outplacement support helps to effect a career change for the better, and you can read about his inspiring story in more detail on the Business Insider website.

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