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As a specialist outplacement provider we recognise the importance of creating a positive environment for employees before, during, and after a programme of change and the impact this can have on ongoing productivity and morale.

One key ingredient in creating such an environment is the development of a resilient workforce, ready to embrace change. To support the development of a resilient workforce Renovo has created two Resilience Workshops:

Managing Through Change

Providing managers and the HR team with the techniques and tools to effectively lead through times of uncertainty, whilst receiving practical advice and guidance on managing their own resilience.

Developing Resilience

Giving employees the techniques and tools to stay resilient during times of change, whilst having an opportunity to explore their current position and where they would like to be in the future:


Resilience is defined by most as the ability to recover from setbacks, adapt well to change, and keep going in the face of adversity.

In a work environment, resilient individuals tend to cope better with pressure, hardship and uncertainty whether that be created by organisational change, workforce restructure, shifting priorities or heavy workloads.

Although some individuals will naturally possess higher levels of resilience than others anyone can learn techniques and strategies to increase their own resilience or indeed the resilience of those they lead or manage.

What are the benefits of Resilience Coaching?

Build a workforce ready to embrace and adapt to change
Ensure the smooth management of workforce transition
Create a positive environment with increased levels of productivity
Improve employee wellbeing and promote good mental health

What clients say about our Resilience Coaching

“Our organisation has always had a strong coaching culture however, this has been the first time we invested in external support to develop resilience within the workforce. We selected Renovo based on their approach which was much more practically orientated than other providers. The sessions were invaluable and made individuals think about their own situation in a new light, helping them plan for a positive future within the new organisational structure.”

Head of HR, Global Trade Publisher

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