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new types of cvWe don’t mean by covering it in glitter, however much you want it to stand out from the crowd!  There are several of CV types to choose from that showcase work experience, industry knowledge and skill sets in alternative ways, ranging from Chronological CVs which highlight experience in reverse chronological order, and Functional CVs focussing on transferable skills.  As Job Search experts, we would usually advise you follow one of these as per your professional needs.

However, while the written CV remains the world’s number one tried-and-tested application tool, in an increasingly competitive and technical job market there’s more than one way to catch a potential employer’s eye, particularly if you’re searching for an opportunity in a creative field. We’ve investigated some of the new types of CV, so read on for our findings.

Infographic CV

Creative jobseekers love this format of CV, as one of the main advantages of an infographic CV is its ability to draw the reader’s eye to key data such a results and achievements. They are not every employer’s cup of tea as they are a fairly new concept, but they tend to suit disciplines such as marketing or advertising, or even sales roles where there is an emphasis on results and outcomes.

If this sounds like you, an infographic CV may well add value to your job search and professional brand, but ensure you research the company culture and values before you embark on creating one to make sure it is appropriate before submitting it as part of a job application.

Creative CV

The Creative CV is something of an extension of the Infographic.  Whereas the Infographic CV uses graphics to convey data and statistics, the Creative CV offers the chance to demonstrate and showcase creative and artistic skills.  The possibilities are endless, with the chance to use colour, photographs and personal artwork. This makes it perfect for Design, Art and Advertising industries.

There are many websites featuring Creative CVs from many different industries, but don’t forget that if you choose to create your own, it should be unique and original!

QR Code

A QR (Quick Response) Code looks similar to a barcode but consists of black squares arranged in a square grid on a white background. A QR Reader, widely available through a Smartphone App or scanner is needed to ‘read’ this code.  The viewer is taken directly to the file, website or image which is held by the QR code data.  QR codes can be generated through simple tools found online, such as

A QR Code can be eye-catching and seen as innovative, particularly if included on a business card, or on an otherwise complete CV or covering letter, where the QR Code can direct the reader to a website or portfolio.  It could also be used as a link on social media, where platforms don’t allow for lengthy content.

Augmented Reality

One very new technology which builds on the idea of QR Codes is Augmented Reality.  As Bernard Marr for says, “When someone talks about AR, they are referring to technology that overlays information and virtual objects on real-world scenes in real-time. It uses the existing environment and adds information to it to make a new artificial environment.”

In creating Glimpse Card, Avery Carter has created a way to use Augmented Reality to animate personal information, which seems the ‘float’ out of the card.  By scanning the QR Code embedded in his business card, the viewer is shown a short video of Carter as well as his social media links.  It will be interesting to see what new innovations Augmented Reality can bring to the modern job search!

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