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In 2009, a global financial crisis was raging and the UK economy was experiencing the highest levels of unemployment for a generation. The preceding 15 years had witnessed unprecedented change in the UK recruitment market – the arrival of online job boards and assessment, further proliferation of the recruitment sector and the rise of social media had all dramatically changed the way in which people searched for new opportunities. Many people found themselves without a job for the first time in years, facing an employment market that was unrecognisable from the last time they looked for a new job.
I identified that traditional outplacement companies have been slow to adapt their approach to meet the changing needs of the people they supported. In a more competitive, fast paced and complex job market, people now needed more responsive, timely and personalised outplacement support than before. It now needed to be more practical in its focus, supporting them throughout their job search to navigate the new and unfamiliar recruitment marketplace with confidence, one step at a time. Rather than just helping the employee ‘cope’ with losing their job, my vision was to create outplacement support that was delivered by recruitment market experts, focussed on results and was genuinely fit for the modern job search.

‘traditional outplacement companies have been slow to adapt’

The outplacement market had been slow to respond to the changing needs of employers. Increasing levels of corporate social responsibility and the risks to employer brand caused by the rise of social media, meant that organisations were now more interested in how they could support employees at all levels in the organisation and not just the senior few. With the numbers of employees being supported growing, employers were demanding services that were easier to administer, simpler to communicate, more cost effective and measurable, while still providing the highest quality of support that delivered results for their employees.

‘more responsive, timely and personalised’

From providing unlimited access to a Career Coach, through to award winning career technology and 24 hour wellbeing support, our focus is to provide the very best one-to-one, personally tailored transition support to your employees. That’s why some of the UK’s largest organisations choose Renovo to support their employees during transition and why more than 60,000 people have returned to work twice as fast as the national industry average.

‘60,000 people have returned to work twice as fast’

I’m proud of the work we have achieved and we’re just as committed to changing the way outplacement support is perceived and delivered as we were when we launched. Renovo means ‘recreate’ or ‘refresh’ and that is exactly what we are doing – constantly challenging the status quo in the outplacement industry and continually improving what we do to bring life changing career support to the people we are privileged to work with.

Chris Parker
Managing Director

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